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We deal with your document flow, accounting, legalization so you can focus on your business. Start your own company here in Poland, and:

  • get access to international payments;
  • avoid unnecessary costs;
  • establish your presence on new markets.
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How it works

So, what’s a virtual company?

Virtual Company is an easier alternative to establishment of a LLC or a representative office in Poland.

Each project is supported by an accountant, lawyer, financial advisor, and other MF professionals.

How long does it take?

The company can be set up in less than three days, which means, that in little more than 48h hours you can start working with european and international clients.

Once your business is up and running, you can immediately receive payments directly to a linked bank account, our use PayPal.

Is it a solution for me?

It’s a perfect solution for those, who would to test their products or services on a new market.

This is the safest way to test a business idea without wasting time and money.

By setting up a virtual company, you save yourself the headache of dealing with legal and tax matters.


E-signatures. No red tape. Less bureaucracy

No company Income Tax for virtual companies — 0%

Secure online banking. Multi currency support

Your money’s safe. State-backed (BFG) guarantees on deposits

Travel freely. Run your company remotely

Minimal risks. Saving you the trouble of opening an LLC

It takes 3 steps to get your company running


Contact us

We discuss all the necessary details with you and select the best option available for your unique situation.

Having chosen the suitable option, we sign all the necessary agreements.


We set up a company

We guide guide you through all the processes. Your presence is not needed, everything is done remotely and using cloud solutions.

Your company will be set up within 48 hours.


Start working

From this point onward your virtual company can start conducting its business activity.

Invoice your clients, receive payments from partners.

Give us a call,
let’s talk

Relocation services

You’re a digital nomad?
Want to live in Poland?

Check this out


What our clients say

Three and half years of successful collaboration and support. This company helps us not only in building a business in Poland but we have a great support in life legalization and personal things not related to business. (Google Review)
Dandify Design
Dandify Design
Dandify Design
Reliable partners with great friendly team.
(Google Review)
Olexiy F.
Olexiy F.
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