All private entrepreneurs in Poland, also known as sole proprietors or JDGs, are required to make social contributions to the Social Security Administration, known as ZUS. Even if you do not plan to receive a pension in Poland (which is also managed by ZUS), you cannot avoid paying these contributions. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive explanation covering ZUS contributions, benefit plans, and how to utilize the ZUS PUE e-services platform.

<strong>Overview of ZUS Contributions</strong>
  • Social contributions must be paid without exception.
  • Creating a profile on the PUE e-services platform is mandatory.
  • Timely payment of contributions is crucial to avoid penalties.
  • Entrepreneurs can access various preferential plans.

Brief Overview of ZUS

The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) in Poland collects social contributions and administers social benefits, pensions, subsidies, sickness, accident, and pregnancy benefits. Every individual earning income in Poland is required to pay various social contributions in addition to taxes. Furthermore, paying the relevant insurance contribution grants access to free medical care in hospitals affiliated with the National Health Fund (NFZ).

The connection between FLP and ZUS: what are the complexities?

If you are an employee, your employer pays ZUS contributions. If you run your own business, you have to pay contributions yourself. Paid contributions will help you to receive a Polish pension in the future, if you wish to do so.