We help you legally move to Poland

We provide services on receiving the Polish resident status for:

  • Digital nomads
  • IT specialists: designers, developers etc
  • Entrepreneurs as well as people of Polish origin and repatriates
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Who we help

IT specialists, programmers and designers

If you are an IT guy, there are 3 ways to obtain a Polish residence permit:

  • Get hired by a Polish company
  • Join the umbrella company
  • Register as a sole trader and provide B2B services to Polish companies

A Polish company would like to hire you but they don’t know how to organise it? We will do it for you.

You have current clients and you would like to work from Poland as a digital nomad? We will help you do this through our umbrella company programme.

A Polish company only works B2B (with sole traders, or individual entrepreneurs) but you cannot become a sole trader in Poland? We got a solution for you: work with them via our umbrella company.

People of polish descent and repatriates

If you have documents confirming your Polish roots or you already have a valid Polish Card (Karta Polaka), you are entitled to get:

  • Permanent Resident Status — Pobyt Stały
  • Polish Citizenship (after 1 year)

To be eligible for the permanent residence permit or the citizenship, you need to:

  • provide an address of residence in Poland
  • documents stating the reasons for staying in Poland
  • knowledge of the Polish language at B1 level*

If you receive the permanent residence permit, you will be entitled for financial support from the state for 1 year.

*unless you have graduated from a Polish school or university.

Owners of Polish companies

If you have registered a Polish company and plan to do business in Poland, you can receive a temporary resident status.

The fact of opening the company though is not enough for receiving the said permit. You also need to:

  • actually provide services on the polish market
  • create new workplaces and/or
  • contribute to the Polish economy

Not sure if you are meeting these conditions? Our lawyers and financial experts will help you deal with it.

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Every case is unique. We need to analyse your case as a whole to find the best solution possible and to give you the most detailed and accurate answer.


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Based on your situation, we will start necessary procedures for receiving the resident status, open a company in Poland, or initiate a project in our business incubator.

Why us

More than 12 years on the market. 100% success rate
Practical experience, not theory
We are highly responsible ones


What our clients say

A great company to work with. It’s like having friends, who help a lot with moving to Poland and living here for years. I can recommend.
(Google Reviews)
Igor K.
Igor K.
I totally recommend Moja Firma!
I had to present a PIT-36 for 2020 and I didn’t know how to do it.
I contacted Moja Firma and they helped me:
1) They requested the needed information from me.
2) They prepared the declaration.
3) They electronically submitted the declaration to the Tax Office and provided a copy to me.

Also, a couple of months after the submission of the PIT-36 the Tax Office wrongly stated that there was an error in the declaration (there was no error at all, it was a Tax Officer error O_O).
I contacted Moja Firma again and they were able to solve the issue in a super quick an efficient way!
(Google Reviews)
Nicolas Acquisti
Nicolas Acquisti
This is the second project I am collaborating with this firm. Very satisfied.
In case of any issues, they provide the solution at the earliest. If any questions arise, I get answers immediately.
(Google Reviews)
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