It won’t come as a surprise, that IT outsourcing is becoming extremely popular in some well-developed countries. Businesses are businesses after all, and quite often, they are looking for a way to cut costs.

But we are not talking about outsourcing work to India or China, outsourcing IT jobs to countries such as Poland, The Czech Republic and Hungary is becoming increasingly popular.

Poland is one of the major popular destinations for IT outsourcing in terms of mobile app development, recently it has become one of the top outsourcing locations in all of Europe.

But what if we are not looking for a way to cut costs, we already have an experienced team of IT specialists, but for some reason (whether political or economical or otherwise) we are looking for a perfect location for a fresh start.

Picking a location is quite important, it should reflect your company’s core values, it should be innovative and forward-thinking for your company, and what’s most important its employees.

Last year her at Moja Firma, we were fortunate to help a number of IT teams from Russia, Ukraine, and other countries to find their new home here in Europe.

Moving countries can help your business grow further, it can motivate and encourage employee performance, especially if they are relocating with their respective families.

The relocation process doesn’t always go stress-free, and that is quite understandable. Moving offices and cities can be a huge endeavour for some businesses, let alone moving countries.

We at Moja Firma think, that finding the right partner is an essential part of making these relocations a success.

What are your options?

Well, we pretty much covered all the possibilities available to foreigners in terms of setting up a new business, here in the Vistula country.

So it really depends on the country of your company’s origin, and a number of other factors. Mainly: do you have a subsidiary or an associated country here in Poland.

Some companies even try posting workers to Poland, before making the final decision to relocate an entire IT team.

Perhaps you have managed to incorporate an LLC beforehand. Once again we would like to remind you, that limited liability company is a business organisation form available to all foreigners, regardless of their country of origin.

But do remember, that one way or another you will have to ensure, that your company’s going to fulfill the requirements of employment in terms of:

  • minimum wages;
  • annual leaves;
  • maternity leaves;
  • rates for overtime work;
  • and a number of others.

While we do know, and understand, that the IT rates and wages are usually way higher than those in other sectors, please remember, that your team’s members’ salaries are sufficient to cover your and your family’s living expenses.

The other solution we would like the mentioned, the one we have been working on for the past 8 years, the same we are offering all IT companies that turn to us, looking for the most efficient way to relocate their IT teams.

We are calling it an umbrella company.

We used to offer this to individual IT specialists, at first. We helped a number of freelance web-developers, designers, app developers, and other IT professionals move to Poland, along with their families.

However, after having optimised our internal processes, and having implemented a number of solutions to make the customer service more friendly & efficient, we started offering this solution to bigger companies.

An umbrella company, or as we also call it, a virtual project, is an alternative to setting up an LLC in Poland. Our services are available to all foreigners, regardless of their country of origin.

Each project is assisted by a professional financial advisor, accountant, customer service manager. We got a whole team taking care of your taxes, social and health insurance contributions, dealing with the state authorities so that your team IT can focus on their work.

You are getting:

  • Secure online banking
  • Multi-currency support
  • E-signatures. No red tape
  • You can work with your previous clients

As a bonus, there’s no company income Tax for ‘virtual’ companies. It’s 0%. And if you decide that it is not for you (we all live in a changing world after all), there’s no LLC liquidating process or similar involved.

You can open and close your virtual company in a matter of days.

Many members of our team are former immigrants themselves, so we know it first-hand how hard it is to relocate. But we think that our virtual company can be a perfect recipe for a smooth relocation.

We are constantly receiving feedback and working hard to ensure that our clients can rely on us at any time.

If you are worried about your team members’ and their families won’t be able to obtain residence permits with the virtual company solution, and you should stick to a traditional LLC incorporation — worry not.

They will be able to obtain a Polish residence permit without any problems, first a temporary one, and in 5 years — a permanent one.

If this sounds like something you will be interested in, give us a call or drop us a line, we will be happy to find a solution suitable for you and your team.

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