Relocating IT Teams to Poland

We help IT businesses relocate their teams to Poland by creating virtual companies, that can easily work with corporate, business and individual clients alike.

For more than 12 years we have been helping IT companies move their employees to Poland.

  • Please, be aware that due to a military invasion into the territory of sovereign Ukraine we can not provide services for those IT specialists whose clients are from both Russia and Belarus.
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Our specialization

We specialize in helping web development companies, design agencies, and other ICT businesses relocate their teams and find new opportunities in Poland and in the EU.

Our vast experience gives us the upper hand in finding the best solution available. We make sure your team members and their families have a firm ground to stand on.

Who do we work with?

Web developing businesses

IT companies with regular customers from all over the world, looking for a way to relocate their employees to Poland.

Software developing businesses

Software development companies trying to move their head offices or their teams to Poland.

Other IT industry companies

Various marketing, SEO, SEM agencies and other businesses as well as startups willing to provide services from Poland.

Book a call with our team

Our consultants will be glad to provide you with all the details concerning relocation to Poland, setting the workflow to continue working with you clients and having the chance to apply for a residence card.

  • Please, be aware that Moja Firma can not help IT freelancers whose clients are located in Russia or Belarus.
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What do you get

Residence permits

Your teams’ employees and their families may apply for residency (1st card for up to 3 years for all family members).

European bank account

Secure online banking. Multi-currency support (PLN, EUR, USD). Paypal access. State-backed (BFG) guarantees on deposits.

Accounting support

Professional accountants take care of your company’s all tax-related things. E-signatures. No red tape. Less bureaucracy.

Legal support

Experienced lawyers take care of your virtual company’s legal needs. Legal drafting. Contracts preparation & analysis.

Risk minimisation

No LLC needed. Set up a virtual company in a matter of days. No legal restrictions in obtaining residence permits. 0% CIT.

Our vast experience

We have been helping IT companies for 12 years. We understand all the potential issues that might influence your business. We are here to help.

Need help establishing a LLC instead?

Check out this page

Moja Firma’s solution advantages


Corporate or private

Working with corporate, business or private clients — everything is up to you. You can safely work with various clients worldwide.

No limits. Your virtual company has a valid EU Tax number and a legal address in Poland.


LLC not needed

While setting up a LLC may seem like a better choice at first glance, there’s a number of pitfalls you may encounter (not to mention additional costs).

Opening and closing a virtual company is a process that takes a couple of days, rather than weeks.


Residence permits

Once you have relocated your IT teams to Poland, the employees and their respective families may apply for a residence permit or a Blue Card.

For 8 years we have been helping foreigners obtain legal residency in Poland. You’re in good hands.

Multilanguage support

Looking for information or would like to speak to someone in Russian?


This is how we are gonna relocate your team to Poland


Contact us

Complete the form you will find at a bottom of this page. Or arrange a Skype call through the widget above.


Getting answers

Our account managers will answer all your questions concerning our solutions & explain the relocation process in details.


Setting up a company

Once we have signed the initial agreement, our lawyers start preparing all the necessary documents.


Moving to Poland

Arranging work permits and other additionals legal papers for your virtual company’s employees.


Start working

Your virtual company can start working at full capacity providing services to corporate and private clients locally & globally.


Apply for residency

At the same time your company’s employees may apply for residence permits along with their families.

Only honest opinions

What our clients say

I am a graphic designer from Ukraine: One day I decided to open my own business in order to work with startups. Moja Firma offered me to open a virtual company. For me, as a designer, designing things is easy, but legal stuff is a bit complicated ☺️ Fortunately, Moja Firma always has my back.
Iryna Nezhynska
Iryna Nezhynska
I am a developer from Belarus and have been working in the industry for over 7 years. One day I came across a webinar, that MF guys prepared for IT freelancers, who would like to move the EU. I really liked what I heard, decided to get in touch with the guys. We discussed everything in detail and they helped me moved to Poland and obtain my residency.
Siarhei Tatsianienka
Siarhei Tatsianienka
Working with Moja Firma has opened up great opportunities for me to work with European and other clients. They helped me solve my main problem: how to work and reside in Europe legally. They were very helpful in assisting me with legal advice and financial counselling (invoices, contracts etc). I obtained all the necessary information I was looking for.
Illarion K.
Illarion K.
I’ve been working successfully with Moja Firma for 2 years. They’re always up to help with any question: preparing documents, legalization, etc. Quick responses through different ways of communication including email, Skype, phone calls. Thanks to them I’m able to work with clients from abroad with no pain.
Kirill Kayumov
Kirill Kayumov
I’ve been working with MojaFirma from very beginning of my relocation to Poland and have continued to collaborate for 5 years already. And this number speaks itself: responsible employees, quick feedback and solving different type of issues in a short term — this is what I need from a great team, which are these guys!
Oleg Kholodok
Oleg Kholodok
We are very satisfied to work with Mojafirma. They are always on time when preparing our documents and always ready to help with Polish legal issues. They do excellent job in supporting their customers.
One day we decided to enter the EU market. Everything was done professionally, the guys prepared a consultation package for us, explained everything in detail including how the incorporation procedure looks like. Everything went very quickly and efficiently and in no time we were in Poland with a company of our own.
A couple of years ago, we finally decided to register an LLC to work in the export industry. The process went smoothly and without a single hitch. Moja Firma continues to handle our accounting needs, as well as taking care of our employees’ residence permits, giving us peace of mind.
Anton Doroshenko
Get a Custom Design
Anton Doroshenko
Starting the company in a foreign country is always a challenge, but with the guys from MojaFirma you can always count on a helping hand. Furthermore, the manner they do that is excellent. If you value your time, want clear information on performing the business in Poland, we can’t think of any other option than MojaFirma.
Elearndev Sp z o.o.
Elearndev Sp z o.o.
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