PESEL is the Polish national identification number, consisting of 11 digits. The last 5 digits are assigned randomly, while the first 6 digits contain the information on the bearer’s date of birth.

Since its introduction in 1979 having a valid national identification number is mandatory for all Polish citizens. All Polish children get their respective PESEL numbers when their birth is registered at the local civil registry office.

Nowadays one’s respective PESEL number is printed on one’s national ID card.

Polish National ID cards (New design)

Having a PESEL number is voluntary for foreigners residing in Poland, however we suggest getting one as having a PESEL number makes your life a lot easier.

It may be acquired by all foreigners residing in Poland temporarily or permanently. It means that if you are a:

you can obtain a PESEL number.

Foreigners residing in Poland may obtain their respective PESEL number when registering their temporary or permanent address of residence.

Please remember, that in accordance with the current Polish Law, you have to register your residence anyway if you are planning on staying in Poland for longer than 30 days. It’s compulsory.

Your address of residence can be registered at the local borough, district or commune (gmina) office. It is free of charge and you may get it on the spot.

In order to register your address of residence you will have to provide a document that will confirm that you will be staying at the address you specified. It can be one of the following:

  • lease agreement (or any other civil-law agreement)
  • extract from a land register
  • administrative or court decision

If your company or team has just finished relocating to Poland or moving their business here, we would recommend getting a PESEL number as soon as your rental lease is signed by the landlord.

After getting a PESEL number you may register the so-called ePUAP trusted profile.

This nationwide platform will make it easier for you to communicate with Polish government offices i.e. apply for child benefit, resolving tax issues, obtaining a number of certificates and others.

Getting ePUAP is a must if we plan on conducting business activities in Poland, by either running a registered company (such as LLC) or by providing services on the market as a sole trader.