Legal services in Poland

Experienced lawyers will provide consultations on:

  • Doing business in Poland
  • Obtaining temporary and permanent resident status
  • Legal employment in Polish companies, including B2B
  • Legal problems with payments, agreements etc.

Trust us with your legal problems and focus on your business.

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We advise on

Doing business in Poland

You have a good project for the Polish market but you are not sure:

  • Whether to set up a company or open a branch
  • Register Sp. z o.o. (LLC) or operate as a sole trader
  • Which taxation package to choose
  • Whether you have to pay VAT or not
  • What are your legal limitations
  • How to use Paypal for invoicing your clients.

We will provide the most complete and timely information for you to open your business in Poland without problems.

We have been working with companies wishing to relocate their teams or expand their businesses to the Polish and other European markets since 2011.

Employment of foreigners by Polish companies

A Polish company (working in the IT sector, for instance) would like to hire you but neither your employer nor you know:

  • What state office to address
  • Which permits to apply for
  • If you can provide B2B services as a sole trader
  • When you are eligible to apply for a resident status
  • If you are allowed to work while waiting for your resident status.

We will analyse your case and find the best options for you and your Polish employer.

We constantly monitor changes in legislation and stay in touch with state offices to ensure our clients get the most complete and up-to-date information.

Working on a new market

If a company or an entrepreneur you’ve been cooperating with:

  • has conned you;
  • has breached the terms of agreements;
  • is not paying you.

If you are not sure about the best course of action, get in touch with a good lawyer first.

have a dedicated team of professional lawyers determined to come up with the best solution possible.

For over 12 years, we have been partnering with a law firm employing the members of the Warsaw Bar AssociationIzba Adwokacka w Warszawie.

Helping with trial proceedings and pre-trial settlements

If you have encountered a legally difficult situation, including disagreements such as:

  • between partners and shareholders;
  • between board members;
  • between companies;
  • compensatory damages;
  • losses compensations.

Our lawyers are ready to present your and your company’s interests in court. 

We are eager to find pre-trial solutions, but we are also capable of fighting for you in the courtroom as we have been successfully doing for 12 years.

Why us

More than 12 years on the market. 100% success rate
Practical experience, not theory
We are highly responsible ones


What our clients say

Moja Firma team provided invaluable assistance in obtaining all sorts of necessary permits, licenses, and documents. We did not speak Polish at that time so we were experiencing difficulties communicating with the Polish authorities. Their advice was very useful and made our lives way easier.
Artem K.
Arka Web
Artem K.
The incorporation procedure here in Poland is not as easy as one could expect, so the flexibility & professional support was of utmost importance for us. Everything was done very quickly, including opening a business bank account. We have been able to focus on our business while MF has taken care of our accounting needs.
Oleh Z.
Oleh Z.
We had been a business incubator member for a while before we decided to open our own company, so we can work with European Clients. All the procedures went smoothly and without any problems whatsoever. Moja Firma continues to handle our accounting and helping us obtain residence permits for our employees.
Marina P.
Business Gifts
Marina P.
On behalf of the management board of DIORO Welding Construction Sp. z o.o. we would like to express our deep gratitude to the employees of Moja Firma for all the support they provided when setting up an LLC in Poland. The experience of the Moja Firma team allowed us to obtain all the necessary permits in a short time.
Serhii Moroz
Dioro Welding Constriction
Serhii Moroz
We have been working with Moja Firma for over 3 years. They got a really professional approach to solving problems. Moja Firma can provide both legal counseling and financial advice, which greatly speeds up the process. (Google Reviews)

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