Consultations on doing business and relocation to Poland

If you are interested in opportunities of expanding your business and relocating to Poland — get a consultation from our lawyers and financial advisors.

Receive the complete information about legal employment opportunities and obtaining residence and work permits in Poland

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Our advantages

We specialise in businesses, that work in the IT sector, including design and blockchain startups, however we are ready to provide services to any company regardless their legal status and situation.

We know what kind of problems you may encounter here in Poland, and because of our knowledge and vast experience we are able to solve them.


We have collected considerable practical experience in assisting foreigners with obtaining residence & work permits in Poland.

Our lawyers have been dealing legalisation processes since 2011.

Verified information

We monitor all legislation changes and stay in touch with the Polish authorities.

We receive the most complete and timely information from trustworthy official sources.

Crisis management

We will consult you on risks and correct course of action when moving to Poland or opening a business here.

If the situation is critical, we will do our best to urgently deal with the problem.

Our consulting fee rates

289PLN / hour

How to get information


Contact us

Complete the form you will find at bottom of this page. Our team starts working on your enquiry immediately.

We reach out to you to confirm all the important details.


We solve your problem

We start working your case in order to find the best solution for your current situation.

In any unusual situation, we verify all the necessary information and consult the authorities if necessary


You get your solution

Our advisors present you with a suitable solution for the problem and describe all the possible risks.

You can get answers via email, Skype or in person at our office in Warsaw.

Why us

More than 10 years on the market. 100% success rate
Practical experience, not theory
We are highly responsible ones


What our clients say

В один день я решила открыть что-то новое, чтобы работать со стартапами. Для меня для дизайнера, дизайн — легко, а бизнес — тяжело 🙂 С последним: с финансами, с легальными документами помагают ребята.
Ирина Нежинская
Ирина Нежинская
We’ve been working with Moja Firma for more than 4 years and I have to say that we haven’t faced any negative experience so far. All issues are resolved very professionally and in a short time. We really appreciate our cooperation and we would highly recommend this company to everyone.
Marianna K.
Marianna K.
Работаю с Moja Firma уже второй год, прошел этап от визы до получения ПМЖ. Процесс легализации и дальнейшей работы в инкубаторе на высоком уровне. Рекомендую! (Google Reviews)
Арцём К.
Арцём К.
A great company to work with. It’s like having friends, who help a lot with moving to Poland and living here for years. I can recommend. Отличная компания. Благодаря им, переезд в Польшу был беспроблемным и последующее пребывание тут, легко прогнозируемым и приятным. (Google Reviews)
Игорь К.
Игорь К.
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