We will set up a company in Poland helping you enter new markets

We take the shortest time to register a new company in Poland. We deal with your document flow, accounting and marketing — you concentrate on your business.

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Types of companies we can incorporate

Sp. z o.o.

Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością is the Polish equivalent to LLCs. You can find similar companies in other countries, namely:

  • ООО (Russia & Belarus)
  • ТОВ (Ukraine)
  • OÜ (Estonia)
  • SIA (Latvia)

There are no legal limitations for foreigners willing to register a company of this type in Poland. Foreigners may conduct business activities under the same conditions as Polish citizens.

The minimum share capital required to incorporate a Sp. z o.o. company is only 5000 PLN (€1025).

Sole trader

Jednoosobowa działalność gospodarcza is the Polish equivalent of doing business as a sole trader / individual entrepreneur. Equivalent to:

  • ИП or ЧП (Russia & Belarus)
  • ФОП (Ukraine)
  • FIE (Estonia)
  • IK (Latvia)

Foreigners can register as a sole trader / individual proprietorship if they hold a permanent resident, EU resident status or a valid Pole’s Card (Karta Polaka). 

Sole traders are eligible to tax benefits and have the same business benefits as Polish citizens.

Local branch

Przedstawicielstwo firmy zagranicznej is a local office of a foreign company in Poland. This is a type of a legal entity which does business as a representative office of a foreign company, e.g. from:

  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Belarus
  • Russian Federation and other countries;

However, if you plan to have a small project in IT sector, it is much easier to do business as a virtual company. We can set up a virtual company, allowing you to work B2b globally.


S.A. (Spółka Akcyjna) is the Polish equivalent of a joint stock company, similar to:

  • АО (Russia & Belarus)
  • АТ (Ukraine)
  • AS (Estonia)
  • AS (Latvia)

There are no legal limitations for foreigners willing to a joint stock company in Poland. Foreigners may conduct business activities under the same conditions and to the same extent as Polish entrepreneurs.

The minimum share capital required to incorporate a Spółka Akcyjna company is 50.000 PLN (€10.250).

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This is how we are going to open a company for you


Contact us

We discuss all the necessary details with you and select the best option available for your unique situation.

Having chosen the suitable option, we sign all the necessary agreements and plan our next steps.


We register a company

Our lawyers start registration in KRS (for companies) or CEIDG (for individual entrepreneurs) registries.

We register the company as a VAT taxpayer, receive NIP and REGON numbers for your business, and assist in opening a company bank account.


You receive documents

The registration process is complete. From this point onward your company can start conducting its business activity in Poland.

You receive confirmations of KRS (for companies) or CEIDG (for individual entrepreneurs) registration.

Marketing support

Marketing services for selling internationally

Contact us

How we help you with your business


We do accounting for over 100 projects and our financial specialists know their job.

With us, your accounts are maintained professionally and in full compliance with the applicable Polish law.

Legal address

We provide a legal address for a company registration in Poland if needed.

We process your company’s mail and store important corporate documents.


We have a team of highly experienced legal, financial and tax advisors.

We will assist you in banks, government offices (tax office, customs, municipal office) and others.


What our clients say

На бытовом уровне была оказана неоценимая помощь в своевременном оформлении необходимых разрешений и документов. Исключился вопрос самостоятельного хождения по инстанциям и сложностей с коммуникацией из-за слабого знания языка. Все рекомендации, оказались полезны и сильно облегчили жизнь.
Артем К.
Arka Web
Артем К.
Сам процес реєстрації фірми у Польщі не настільки простий, тому супровід спеціаліста був для нас критично важливий. На e-mail відреагували миттєво. Реєстрація sp. z o.o. разом із відкриттям рахунків у банках була здійснена лише за один візит, за 3 години. Ми спокійно займаємося своїм бізнесом, а MF — нашою бухгалтерією.
Олег З.
Олег З.
We’ve been working with Moja Firma for more than 4 years and I have to say that we haven’t faced any negative experience so far. All issues are resolved very professionally and in a short time. We really appreciate our cooperation and we would highly recommend this company to everyone.
Marianna K.
Marianna K.
Three and half years of successful collaboration and support. This company helps us not only in building a business in Poland but we have a great support in life legalization and personal things not related to business. (Google Reviews)
Dandify Design
Dandify Design
Несколько лет мы были участниками бизнес-инкубатора и решили открыть свою фирму, которая бы могла сотрудничать с европейским клиентом в сфере экспорта. Процедура прошла быстро, гладко и без проблем. Moja Firma продолжает заниматься нашей бухгалтерией и процессами легализации наших работников.
Марина П.
Business Gifts
Марина П.
Уже два с половиной года сотрудничаем. Всем абсолютно доволен! Большое спасибо! Очень рекомендую тем, кто хочет заниматься своим делом, а не бухгалтерией! (Google Reviews)
Сергей Х.
Сергей Х.
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