Relocation services for IT professionals and freelancers

We help IT freelancers and programmers relocate to Poland. Cooperation with Moja Firma will allow them to work B2B with Polish and international clients (both legal and private individuals) and earn income through freelance marketplaces (UpWork etc.)

  • Please, be aware that due to a military invasion into the territory of sovereign Ukraine we can not provide services for those IT specialists whose clients are from both Russia and Belarus.
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Your own project

For the past ten years, we have worked hard to create a workflow ideal for freelancers and IT professionals: designers, software developers, SEO, and digital marketers.

We work like this: we create a virtual company for you under our umbrella company, which means we formally employ you. Moja Firma specialists provide full services to your virtual firm, and you work with clients worldwide.

The income received from clients is legalized by paying taxes. You, as an employee, relocate to Poland and get a residence permit. Together with the family. Everything is simple and legal.

We are driven by the motto “Live in Poland; work where it is convenient for you.” Collaborate with international clients, work B2B with Polish firms, or channel income through marketplaces. No additional work permits.

Fast relocation

Once all the formalities are through, you can move to Poland as early as 1 month later

Dedicated platform

Sign contracts electronically. Invoice like a real EU firm. Multicurrency support. PayPal. Cryptocurrency.

Fast road to residency

You are eligible to apply for residency. No more worries about your status in Europe, just focus on your job.

Dedicated platform

Everything is automated

Having relocated more than 150 teams, Moja Firma has developed a proprietary system ideal for servicing ‘umbrella’ projects.

Generate documents, sign contracts remotely, issue invoices to customers, send money from a client in the USA, China, or through your UpWork account: all of this is available within your personal account.

International payments (EUR, USD, PLN), transfers via PayPal or Wise (Transferwise) or Payoneer, cryptocurrency service. The freedom of choice is yours.

Got questions? Get support from the Moja Firma team through the ticket system platform. Nothing will ever slip away.

Schedule a free call with our specialist

Our consultants will be glad to provide you with all the details concerning relocation to Poland, setting the workflow to continue working with you clients and having the chance to apply for a residence card.

  • Please be aware that Moja Firma can not help IT freelancers whose clients are located in Russia or Belarus.
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What our clients say

I am a graphic designer from Ukraine: One day I decided to open my own business in order to work with startups. Moja Firma offered me to open a virtual company. For me, as a designer, designing things is easy, but legal stuff is a bit complicated ☺️ Fortunately, Moja Firma always has my back.
Iryna Nezhynska
Iryna Nezhynska
A couple of years ago, we finally decided to register an LLC to work in the export industry. The process went smoothly and without a single hitch. Moja Firma continues to handle our accounting needs, as well as taking care of our employees’ residence permits, giving us peace of mind.
Anton D.
Get a custom design
Anton D.
I am a marketing specialist, specializing in helping SMEs attract customers. I learnt about Moja Firma through friends — my friend had already been working with MF at that time. I was looking for a way to work and reside in Poland legally. There were various options, MF was one of them, which I eventually chose, and moved to Poland along with my family.
Dostan Mishelov
Dostan Mishelov
One day we decided to enter the EU market. Everything was done professionally, the guys prepared a consultation package for us, explained everything in detail including how the incorporation procedure looks like. Everything went very quickly and efficiently and in no time we were in Poland with a company of our own.
Working with Moja Firma has opened up great opportunities for me to work with European and other clients. They helped me solve my main problem: how to work and reside in Europe legally. They were very helpful in assisting me with legal advice and financial counselling (invoices, contracts etc). I obtained all the necessary information I was looking for.
Illarion H.
Illarion H.
I am a developer from Belarus and have been working in the industry for over 7 years. One day I came across a webinar, that MF guys prepared for IT freelancers, who would like to move the EU. I really liked what I heard, decided to get in touch with the guys. We discussed everything in detail and they helped me moved to Poland and obtain my residency.
Siergiej Tatsianienka
Siergiej Tatsianienka
Moja Firma helped us start the process of relocating our business to Poland. Once we were in Poland, the team helped us familiarise ourselves with the Polish tax system, explained the processing of setting up a bank account, and even helped us find a flat. We are really grateful.
Andrey P.
Transparent Ideas
Andrey P.

Work with clients efficiently

Digital and Ready-to-go” is the latest motto of our Incubator. Your project receives full legal and accounting services.

Use contract templates and sign agreements electronically, your presence is not required. You can withdraw money from the client even within 24h.

Focus on deploying your code to GitHub, while your contract is being sent to your client automatically. 10 seconds and it’s done. No courier fees and unnecessary bureaucracy.

All processes are built with an emphasis on digitalization and automation, and we work with the best systems available on the market.

We use the best solutions available

Why trust us

Our experience

For 10 years we have been helping IT freelancers move to Europe. We know what worries them and are ready to give them our helping hand

100% secure

Your data and money are always safe backed by the Polish bank guarantees (BFG), and our cloud solutions are GDPR compliant.

Legal compliance

Sleep easily, knowing that everything is done in compliance with the Polish and the European Union labour and tax laws.

Fast road to citizenship

Start working with us today and get your EU resident card in merely 5 years. You can become a EU citizen in 8 years.

Team relocation

Looking for a way to relocate a whole team?

Check it out

Your relocation roadmap


the Conversation

You fill out the form below. We will arrange a video call to discuss what services you provide, how you work with your clients and what your expectations are.

Then our team will analyse your situation based on the information you provide.


the Roadmap

We present you all the possibilities available and the initial costs involved (if any), all the terms and our suggestions.

Our team will arrange all the documents required to cross the border.


the Relocation

You receive your visa and you’re ready to go. Once you have come to Poland we guide you through your first steps in the country.

If necessary, we will assist you in applying for a residence permit.

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