Accounting services in Poland

We provide a full range of accounting services for companies & individual entrepreneurs doing business in Poland:

  • Professional bookkeeping for companies and sole traders
  • File all essential documents and reports
  • Consult on accounting and financial matters
  • Deal with Polish authorities

Trust us with your bookkeeping responsibilities and focus on your business.

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Who we help

Our clients are mostly those working in the IT sector, including design and blockchain startups, but we provide services for any type of businesses. If your business is already active in Poland, and you need to find a new accountant — we will deal with all technical sides of it.

If you don’t know how to set up a business in Poland — we will help with incorporation and will organise accounting document flow.

Sp. z o. o.

Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością is the Polish equivalent to Limited Liability Companies.

Sole Traders

Individual interpreneurs, providing B2B services (działalność gospodarcza).


Other types of businesses providing services on the Polish market.

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How we work

We assist with accounting and routine work using e-document management to avoid paper chase. 

We provide you with a legal address and organise your mail. We represent your company in the tax offices. 

We prepare and file reports in a timely manner, including:

  • Complete bookkeeping and VAT accounts
  • Filing statements to the tax office
  • Filing the annual CIT and PIT Reports
  • Bookkeeping of WNT, WDT, export, and import
  • Filing PIT, CIT, VAT, ZUS, PFRON, GUS, NBP declarations

We will also prepare a full set of documents necessary for:

  • Getting a bank loans
  • Property purchase, real estate acquisition
  • Car leasing.
Delegate your accounting

Entering the polish market

Need help setting up your business in Poland?

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We will be able to help if you:

Need professional accounting services 

Want to file accounting & financial statements on time

Want to delegate routine paperflow to professionals

Want to work on the Polish market without problems

Doing business fair and square without breaking any laws

Looking for an efficient solution for your business

We always use the best solutions available

To ensure reliable and smooth business activity, we use the most optimal solutions available on the Polish market.

We only trust the leading banking and accounting software providers.

Your lawyer in Poland

Do you need legal services in Poland?

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What our clients say

Three and half years of successful collaboration and support. This company helps us not only in building a business in Poland but we have a great support in life legalization and personal things not related to business. (Google Reviews)
Dandify Design
Dandify Design
I totally recommend Moja Firma!
I had to present a PIT-36 for 2020 and I didn’t know how to do it.
I contacted Moja Firma and they helped me:
1) They requested the needed information from me.
2) They prepared the declaration.
3) They electronically submitted the declaration to the Tax Office and provided a copy to me.

Also, a couple of months after the submission of the PIT-36 the Tax Office wrongly stated that there was an error in the declaration (there was no error at all, it was a Tax Officer error O_O).
I contacted Moja Firma again and they were able to solve the issue in a super quick an efficient way!
(Google Reviews)
Nicolas Acquisti
Nicolas Acquisti
This is the second project I am collaborating with this firm. Very satisfied.
In case of any issues, they provide the solution at the earliest. If any questions arise, I get answers immediately.
(Google Reviews)
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