A1 Certificate: posting workers in the EU

We provide a wide range of legal services for companies wishing to post workers to other EU member states:

  • Registering employees with the Polish National Social Security System (ZUS)
  • Registering work permits and A1 Certificates
  • Obtaining PESEL, a Polish national identification number
  • Registering a company branch in Poland or setting a brand new LLC
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What’s a posted worker

Posted Workers

The term “Posted workers” (or at is known in Polish, pracownik delegowany) is defined in the European Parliament and Council Directive 96/71/EC and is governed by the Directive itself as well as by the member State’s national laws.

Posted worker is a person officially employed by a company registered in an EU member state (e.g. Poland), who’s temporarily posted to a different EU member country, for instance:

  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Baltic States etc.

Companies officially registered in Poland (such as Sp. z o.o.) may officially post their employees to another member state.

A1 Certificate

A1 Certificate or A1 Form (known in Polish as zaświadczenie A1) is a legal document issued by a local Social Security Institution in an EU member state (in Poland that is ZUS), confirming that the employee is insured in the country issuing the certificate and the social security contributions are paid.

Each worker that will be posted to a different EU country must have a valid A1 Certificate issued by the Polish authorities — ZUS (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych).

The A1 forms are issued on demand and can be obtained at any local ZUS branch in paper or in its digital format through the ZUS PUE portal. The Polish national identification number (PESEL) must be obtained beforehand.

Posting your employee to a different EU state

Once the work permit (either „zezwolenie na pracę” or „oświadczenie” if applicable) has been registered, and the A1 Certificate has been successfully obtained, the employee can be legally posted abroad.

When crossing the border, the employee must carry (and present if requested) all registered documents that confirm the lawfulness of their employment (and stay) in the country of destination.

Once the validity of permits has expired, the employee will be required to leave the country where he has been posted, otherwise, it will be a violation of the local law.

Remember: any employee working abroad is subject to local laws.

This is how we are going to help you


Analysing your case

We collect all the necessary information and paperwork concerning your case.

If you do not currently have a legal entity in Poland, we will help you establish one.


Obtaining documents

Once you have a valid legal entity in Poland we start preparing documents for your workers.

We register work permits for your employees and help them obtain their respective PESEL numbers.


Posting workers

Once the work permit has been issued and the A1 Certificate has been registered, the employees can be officially posted abroad.

Should additional questions arise, we provide full legal support to our clients.


What our clients say

On behalf of the management board of DIORO Welding Construction Sp. z o.o. we would like to express our deep gratitude to the employees of Moja Firma for all the support they provided when setting up an LLC in Poland. The experience of the Moja Firma team allowed us to obtain all the necessary permits in a short time.
Serhii Moroz
Dioro Welding Constriction
Serhii Moroz
The incorporation procedure here in Poland is not as easy as one could expect, so the flexibility & professional support was of utmost importance for us. Everything was done very quickly, including opening a business bank account. We have been able to focus on our business while MF has taken care of our needs.
Oleh Z.
Oleh Z.
We had been a business incubator member for a while before we decided to open our own company, so we can work with European Clients. All the procedures went smoothly and without any problems whatsoever. Moja Firma continues to handle our accounting and helping us obtain residence permits for our employees.
Marina P.
Business Gifts
Marina P.
We’ve been working with Moja Firma for more than 4 years and I have to say that we haven’t faced any negative experience so far. All issues are resolved very professionally and in a short time. We really appreciate our cooperation and we would highly recommend this company to everyone.
Marianna K
Marianna K
“I’ve been working with MojaFirma from very beginning of my relocation to Poland and have continued to collaborate for 5 years already. And this number speaks itself: responsible employees, quick feedback and solving different type of issues in a short term – this is what I need from a great team, which are these guys!  
Oleh Kholodok
Oleh Kholodok
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