Entering the Polish Market

We will conduct a market analysis for your project to help you properly plan your business strategy. We offer:

  • Market condition and segment analysis;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Potential customer profile analysis;
  • Business model preparation;
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Services We Provide

For over 12 years, we have been analyzing any sector of the Polish market for any type of business: from design and blockchain startups to industrial enterprises. We pay close attention to all nuances: from the need for licensing to possible changes in legislation that may affect the project’s future development.

We also evaluate trends observed in a specific sector to ensure a smooth and well-planned entry into the Polish market.

Market Segment Analysis

A well-functioning startup or profitable enterprise can scale to new countries, but it is always important to consider the local market specifics.

The main thing is to understand what rules to follow, weigh the risks and opportunities, and form an effective strategy.

We will present a comprehensive report on the selected market segment: showing its main players, discussing the market condition, creating a potential customer profile, and describing possible changes and trends.

Competition Analysis

If your project successfully dominates its market segment in your country, it can do so in Europe and Poland.

For this, it is important to understand which key players are present in the market and to understand the competitive environment.

We will provide you with a complete report on the business activities of your potential competition: location, pricing, history, comments, and recommendations.

The report will allow you to analyze and understand the strategy of key Polish and foreign participants in the sector of interest.

Business Model Preparation

The final important step is the correct analysis of the collected data and the preparation of a business model. It is crucial to understand the cost of entering a new market.

Business expenses in Poland, due to the local market characteristics, may differ from what you are used to. There may also be additional costs that you might not have previously considered.

We will take care of preparing a business model for your business based on the information gathered in the market segment and competition analysis.

A well-prepared business plan will allow you to safely enter the Polish market, taking into account local specifics.

Advantages of Working with Us

Quality Audits

Over the past 12 years, we have brought a number of startups and existing businesses to the Polish market.

Risk Reduction

By analyzing the market sector in advance, you can be sure that your business will smoothly enter the new market.

Only Current Data

We constantly cooperate with Polish state authorities and provide the latest information.

Cost Savings

You won’t waste money entering an unchecked market segment in another country.

Who We Work With

Working on the market for over 12 years has allowed us to make many friends and partners with whom we try to implement interesting projects in Europe and around the world.

Most of the companies we worked with started as startups and later became leaders in their sector.


What Our Clients Say

We’ve been working with Moja Firma for more than 4 years and I have to say that we haven’t faced any negative experiences so far. All issues are resolved very professionally and in a short time. We really appreciate our cooperation and we would highly recommend this company to everyone.
Marianna K.
Marianna K.
We have been working with our recruitment agency King’s Choice for over 2 years with Moja Firma and are very satisfied. The team knows their business, is always ready to help and find the best solutions. They also respond quickly and are always in touch. We recommend it! (Google Review)
Iryna S.
Kings Choice
Iryna S.
Excellent company. High professionalism. All my questions were clearly answered. I am glad to cooperate with them in the future. Highly recommend! (Google Review)
Igor K.
Igor K.
I’ve been working with the company since 2016. They’ve helped me both with business setup and legalization. High level of expertise, help with unusual cases. All processes are set up properly and rationally. Company tries to simplify all paperwork by implementing new features. Always interested if all is good, kindly. Only positive feedback. (Google Review)
Madso A.
Madso A.

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